In the field of horse riding, there can be different categories of horses. However, there is an average age for each one, which will allow a person to be able to ride it without difficulty. This system of riding is called breaking-in. It is a stage not to be ignored when the horse reaches the ideal age with a form beforehand.

Horse riding: the ideal age at the peak of his form

The recommendations that dictate the average age to begin riding dressage are variable and diverse. As was analysed, the predispositions at this level differ according to the breeds. Racehorses also known as Quarter Horses, which face very early development and incredible rigor, could then start riding at 18 months of age. Iberian horses and also Arabian thoroughbreds, on the other hand, would have a later growth. Because of this, the work can only really begin at around 4 or 5 years old, that is when they will be in better shape according to some studies marking the growth of a horse. These results also prove that equids (family of mammals), with any breed, can develop at the same speed at the skeletal level, but with different ages. Therefore, the average age of a horse, accentuating its shape, depends on its breed.

Why choose the average age of a horse for riding?

At this average age of a horse, the animal to be ridden is fearless, well thought out and has the right shape with a rather defined character. As a result, there is an easy questioning of the methods used, especially if the basis is based on constraint or submission. As far as the physique is concerned, the horse starts to have a very solid body. However, its growth is not finished (especially if there is a nutritional deficiency), it is then wiser to do exercises little by little and not abruptly at the beginning, because the horse will just start to learn. Indeed, if it is a question of breaking-in (the art of riding the horse), do not forget to do the work upstream, especially the bodybuilding which will put a little more strain on your horse's body.

Age and breaking-in: the relationship in horse-riding

In general, the basics of breaking-in learning begin 15 days after weaning. The horse should be weaned from 8 to 12 months. Once weaning is finished, during one week, the horse will discover all the basics of handling. He will learn, during his average age, to respect the halter with discipline, walking in hand. He will also learn to be touched everywhere. There will also be a control of his feet. This task will be done during a week around the age of 1 year. Depending on the future use of your horse, he will have to be broken in at about 4 years old, for Quarter Horses, at about 18 months old. The breaking-in of this horse represents the beginning of his riding career. In fact, it is necessary to preserve the average age of a horse, and its great tenacity not to quickly weaken it.