Riding can be practiced as an art, a sport or a leisure activity and is open to all. However, there are many equestrian disciplines to maintain oneself in spite of the reactions of the horse and the difficulties on the saddle. Discover in this article some tips that may help you.

What is - what is riding?

There is not a well-defined word to define riding. It is considered a passion, a sport and an art of riding. This word comes from the Latin "equitaire" which means "to go on horseback". At the time, this animal was used for war, hunting... However, the disciplines practiced in horseback riding are currently very numerous. It requires complicity and understanding between the rider and the animal. This physical activity allows you to discover an intense sensation and to share a unique moment with your ponies or horses. Like any leisure or sport practice, it must be done with good humour and joy. This means that you must find pleasure in riding.

How to practice horseback riding?

Since there are many disciplines for horse riding, you should inform yourself on the subject before you do so. Even if everyone can do it, you have to respect the equestrian rules to be able to practice it always. Therefore, at the beginning of the training sessions, you must be accompanied by professionals. This is why it is practiced in a riding school. Note that you should not choose just any centre, rather choose the one that is a member of the French Equestrian Federation for proof of seriousness and professionalism. You can also read about horseback riding. This method consists of reading technical and practical books on horseback riding. You can find advice based on ethology to establish your relationship with the horse. In addition, many books can help you such as the fall of the horse, the rider's life ...

Everything you need to know about horseback riding.

You don't have to be afraid because there is a program adapted to everyone, whether you are a beginner or a regular rider. There is information for all levels in the riding courses. Apart from that, you must have the necessary equipment and material for this art (bomb or helmet, a pair of boots or boots, riding pants, riding crop, etc.) In general, they are all provided by the club. Don't forget that horseback riding brings you goods. It is good for your health. It also allows you to become more enduring. In addition, it also helps you to relax, which is good for your morale. Know that it is also an ecological sport because you stay in contact with nature during the exercises.

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