If you are passionate about horse riding, you probably want to become a real rider. However, it is essential to possess certain physical and moral qualities in order to progress effectively in this field and become a good rider. But concretely, what are these qualities?

Essential physical qualities of a good rider

Mobility and suppleness far outweigh the other essential physical qualities of a good rider. The rider should be supple and flexible in order to perform several movements that require perfect joint mobility. Riding is also a sport that requires specific athletic qualities. You must be enduring and able to resist fatigue. You must have aerobic endurance in order to efficiently produce muscular energy. It is also essential that you have maximum strength for better voluntary contraction. This will enable you to easily overcome great resistance. Speed is also one of the essential physical qualities of a good rider. You will be able to execute quickly all kinds of movements and reactions. You must also be able to coordinate your neuromotor system. It is the quality of a rider that allows you to master and execute actions quickly in unpredictable situations.

Essential moral qualities of a good rider

Sometimes you can get upset about your horse. However, a good rider knows how to keep his temper. You have to remain zen and be patient under all circumstances. Patience is what allows you to reach your goal. Smoothness is also a quality required of a good rider. You will thus avoid all kinds of clumsiness. Apart from being delicate and gentle towards your horse, you must also be very precise. A truly good rider can calculate and specify all his actions. Respect for the horse is another quality of a rider. You must base your actions on the intrinsic character of your horse, but not on your skills. A good rider is also attentive to his horse's happiness and will do everything to make him happy. This quality will allow you to easily take care of others.

Other essential qualities of a good rider

The quality of a rider is also based on his positive attitude. You must be natural and progressive. This will make your horse want to give you the best of himself. A good rider also knows how to recognize the right timing to ask his horse to do something. You also need to be able to control your breathing as well as to feed and hydrate properly. A fighting spirit and strong motivation are also recommended to become a good rider. You must also have a sense of priorities. One of the essential qualities of a good rider is perfectionism. You must have the desire to win by always striving for perfection. This also allows your horse to feel good in his head.