Published on : 17 June 20203 min reading time

Horseback riding is a favourite activity of many people. To practice horseback riding, you need a rider and a horse (pony or horse). It is a practice that requires learning, the more you practice riding, the more you love it. By dint of practice, a complicity is created between you and your horse. The equestrian activities are numerous, ranging from a passion for horses, through health sports to various competitions.

What is horse riding?

Horse riding is a discipline which has become a sport which consists in riding and leading a horse, within the framework of a leisure activity or a competition. When we talk about the definition of riding, there are different possibilities. We can define riding as: a meeting between horse and rider creating complicity and mutual understanding, an outdoor sport that has as many benefits for the human body, a leisure activity that can be practiced by all, riding a horse in accordance with certain codified rules, … Riding is a word that comes from the Latin “equitare” meaning: to go on horseback.

What are the different equestrian activities?

In the past, horse riding played more the utilitarian role, nowadays, the practice is oriented towards sports and leisure. Equestrian activities are quite varied. The practice can be done in clubs, in the woods, on the road, on the beach, … with the use of specific equipment. There is classical riding which has become a sport, consisting of dressage, show jumping, Hunter, endurance, Equestrian Tourism, …; Western riding which consists of rodeo, Western Riding, Gymkhana, Trail, …; work and traditional riding which consists of hunting horses, Amazon riding and Icelandic riding; races; etc… Horse riding can be a means of transport, a non-competitive leisure activity, a sport for pleasure and nature, … in short, an activity for all tastes and desires.

What are the benefits of horse riding?

Horse riding is an activity to be favoured to do good to health and well-being. Riding through the beautiful landscapes on horseback allows you to feel comfortable, independent and free of stress while breathing fresh air. Riding in fresh air ensures better oxygenation, which is good for your health. Horseback riding invites you to live invigorating adventures that give way to relaxation. Horseback riding is also a way to keep in shape by working your stomach, back and leg muscles. Riding is beneficial for both the physical and the mental: it relieves tension, prevents back pain, improves mental and relational disorders, strengthens the immune system, etc.


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