It is by associating a rider and a horse that one carries out the practice of horsemanship. This binomial can evolve together in good conditions. However, the rider must imperatively learn how to dressage and ride his horse. He must also know the horse's paces and learn how to position himself on it without difficulty. What is a riding club? How do I register? And how to make and practice horse riding?

What is a riding club?

A riding club is first and foremost an equestrian centre for small structures. This club designates a place where horse riding is practiced and taught to the general public. It can also be said that riding is an art of making and riding a horse. There are several meanings of riding. The latter refers to the meeting between the rider and the horse. We can also say that riding is the passion of the horse. Finally, it is a sporting activity linked to the knowledge of the breeds and the anatomy of the horse. Enrolment in a riding club is highly recommended to better master all these notions of riding.

How to register in a riding club

For years, riding clubs have been promoting and specifying the riding activity to the youngest ones. There are several offers that are adapted to every stage of life. From 18 months onwards, your children can enjoy the joys and happiness of horseback riding. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a leisure and outdoor activity. This allows you to enrich and marvel at each session. At each club, the strong points are friendliness and experience. By registering in a riding club, you become a member of the club. And the riders who are members become your new family. There are always theme organizations during the events of the year such as Easter, Halloween, club party and Christmas. All members must participate in order to compete and demonstrate.

How to do and practice horseback riding

Riding is a sport activity that is practically done in a suitable place such as a riding school. It is desirable that this club is affiliated to the French Equestrian Federation or FFE, a guarantee of its professionalism and seriousness. The riding club gives the rider the possibility to have all the structures at his disposal such as the horses of the centre, the instructors and the groom. It is quite possible to practise the activity of horsemanship in outside, in hikes of several days or in a stroll. In order to practice or ride horses, you have to register in a riding club and get a licence. With regard to the practice of horse riding, it is strongly advised to have special equipment for this discipline.

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